We know data is complicated.

Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's hard to interpret, and sometimes it's not easily accessible. We partner with our clients to find answers to their big questions.

Providing a holistic view of community needs.

The Preble County Mental Health & Recovery Board (PCMHRB) desired a more holistic view of their county’s community.

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Informing community response to crisis situations.

The Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign Counties (MHDAS-LC) desired to develop a more holistic view of Logan and Champaign County residents, especially those experiencing a behavioral health crisis. They wanted to better allocate resources and use data to inform their decision-making.

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Enhancing your data, technology, & vision.

The MHRSB of Lucas County desired to identify opportunities to respond to ever-changing operational and service needs within its community through data-driven decision-making processes. Ascend took the opportunity to help modernize their entire technology infrastructure in the process.

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Delivering more proactive care for patients.

Hospice organizations must deliver high-quality care whether the patient is in an in-patient unit or in the comfort of their own home. Ohio's Hospice engaged Ascend to develop predictive analytics tools to improve quality and efficiency of care.

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