We help solve complex community health problems with user-centric data products & solutions.

See how we can help your community find answers to the big questions by combining the insights of data science with the intuition of design thinking.

Community Health Organizations

We care about the collective well-being of our community, so we partner with organizations that address health disparities and enact public health initiatives. From UX research and design to data and technology strategy, we can support your community health needs.

Our community health services
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Behavioral Health Organizations

By expanding access to hospital data, treatment records, law enforcement encounters, jail bookings, and coroner’s office data, we’ve helped identify gaps in community service networks and where resources could be more effectively allocated to better serve their communities.

Our behavioral health services
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Public Health Departments

The opioid epidemic continues to evolve and severely impact communities. We know preventing overdoses is a key initiative for public health departments. We support these organizations with technology to drive effective community health improvement planning.

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Hospice & Post-Acute Organizations

We’ve developed custom predictive analytics tools that support post-acute care's goals of helping people live independently, while enabling clinicians to work top of license and maximizing a facility's reimbursement.

Our post-acute services
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