Community Health Organizations

We care about the collective well-being of our community, so we partner with organizations that address health disparities and enact public health initiatives.

How can we leverage data or predictive analytics in our decision-making?

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We’ll advise on data collection and management strategy to successfully build machine learning and other predictive analytics models.

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How might we streamline our manual workflows?

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UX will seek to understand your processes to uncover and solve the right problems.

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What do we need to put in place to better manage our data and information?

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Through our data and technology strategy efforts, we can help you create a plan to manage information and data infrastructure.

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What should we do to improve our digital experience?

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We uncover pain points and wish-fors and lean on UX design to create an experience that resonates with your user base.

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Our community health organization consulting services.

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Ad-hoc data analysis & reports

Provides static reports defined by your specific need.

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Community & hospital data acquisition

Accesses hospital and community data sources by building relationships with key stakeholders.

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Custom predictive analytics

Uses machine learning and other models to make predictions on current and historical data.

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Custom dashboards

Includes data aggregation, analytics, data visualization, and/or reporting, defined by your specific need.

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Data & technology strategy

Defines the long-term plan for the technology, people, processes and rules required to manage information and data infrastructure.

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Data engineering

Cleans and makes data usable so it can be used for analysis and predictive analytics.

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HIPAA & 42 CFR Part 2 data management

Provides client support to maintain policies and procedures that allow the secure storage and use of protected health information.

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Secure data pipelines

Moves data from one system to another.

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UX research & strategy

Uncovers pain points and mental models, defines problems, and builds empathy for the end-user.

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UX design

Creates data-driven experiences that blends business viability, technical feasibility and end-user desirability.

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“We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with Ascend’s expertise to take the many pieces of data that we have access to locally, and put it together in a way that points out gaps, needs and priority areas where our limited resources can be most impactful in serving our communities.”
Tammy Nicholl

Tammy Nicholl, Executive Director