Hospice & Post-Acute Organizations

In the hospice and post-acute spaces, sometimes data is messy, sometimes it's hard to interpret, and sometimes it's not easily accessible. We partner with you to find answers to your big questions so you can spend time focusing on your patients.

How can we leverage data or predictive analytics in our decision-making?

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Through discovery efforts, we can help identify important steps and pain points within people, technology and data processes to pinpoint predictive analytics opportunities.

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Can we determine length of stay or a patient’s outcome?

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We have experience building models that predict length of stay and predicts individuals who will stay in care for one week or less.

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Can we better anticipate needs or get patients enrolled in the most appropriate service line?

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We will advise on data collection and management strategy in order to build machine learning and other predictive analytics models.

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Enhance your data strategy.

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Ad-hoc data analysis & reports

Provides static reports defined by your specific need.

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Custom predictive analytics

Uses machine learning and other models to make predictions on current and historical data.

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Custom dashboards

Includes data aggregation, analytics, data visualization, and/or reporting, defined by your specific need.

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Data & technology strategy

Defines the long-term plan for the technology, people, processes and rules required to manage information and data infrastructure.

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HIPAA data management

Provides client support to maintain policies and procedures that allow the secure storage and use of protected health information.

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Data engineering

Cleans and makes data usable so it can be used for analysis and predictive analytics.

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UX research & strategy

Uncovers pain points and mental models, defines problems, and builds empathy for the end-user.

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UX design

Creates data-driven experiences that blends business viability, technical feasibility and end-user desirability.

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Secure data pipelines

Moves data from one system to another.

We work alongside your team to make sense of your data through predictive & advanced analytics.


  • Maximize reimbursement
  • Predict length of stay
  • Remove the manual search for important data
  • Support value-based care
  • Plan staffing & resourcing
  • Optimize assessment processes
  • Transition to proactive care
  • Reduce double documentation

We’ve developed custom predictive analytics tools that support hospice goals to maximize reimbursement in the service intensity add-on period by identifying the last week of care and predicting the expected length of stay.

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“Our partnership with Ascend is an integral part of our long-term technology goals. We are committed to working together to benefit the community we are privileged to serve.”
Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson, CEO

Ohio’s Hospice

Delivering more proactive care for patients.

Hospice organizations must deliver high-quality care whether the patient is in an in-patient unit or in the comfort of their own home. Ohio's Hospice engaged Ascend to develop predictive analytics tools to improve quality and efficiency of care.

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