Strategic Consulting Services

Understanding data can be intimidating. Data is often disparate and complex, and may come with barriers to use. It can be inaccurate, delayed, or managed in an unusable format. We partner with you to find answers to the big questions and work through problems to create a data and technology strategy tailored to your needs.

How can we leverage data in our decision-making?

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Our UX and data science teams will work to understand your needs and develop tools and strategies to make more informed decisions.

Are there data sources we’re missing out on?

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We’ll advise on data collection and management strategy to create the best solution for you — from data pulls, to custom dashboards, to machine learning, we have it covered.

When it comes to how best to use data, where should we even start?

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Through our data and technology strategy expertise, we can help you create a plan to manage information and data infrastructure.

How can we remove barriers to the data we need to improve our processes?

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Ascend has the expertise to navigate the red tape and support acquiring the data you need.

Our Process

Bringing you from current state to ideal state.


Vision & goal development

We will help you envision your data and technology future state, creating goals and establishing a clear vision for your organization.


Current state evaluation

We will review background documentation, have one-on-one conversations with your team, and host workshops to assemble a comprehensive view of your current systems and processes.



Together, we brainstorm solutions that solve the problems we identified to help bring your ideal state to life.


Strategic initiatives prioritization

We will work together to define the long-term plan for the technology, people, processes, and rules required to manage information and data infrastructure.


Plan development

As we synthesize the information gathered we create informed recommendations, usually organized as short-term and long-term plans.


Develop solutions

Based on your goals, we'll develop solutions that meet your needs. Whether that means identifying and linking external data sources, implementing new software, or developing dashboards — Ascend will help find a solution.

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“Our partnership with Ascend will transform the way we do business. Our work will allow us to be more productive and efficient with our finite resources.”
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Scott Sylak, Executive Director

Mental Heath & Recovery Services Board of Lucas County

Enhancing your data, technology, & vision.

The MHRSB of Lucas County desired to identify opportunities to respond to ever-changing operational and service needs within its community through data-driven decision-making processes. Ascend took the opportunity to help modernize their entire technology infrastructure in the process.

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