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Ascend is a medical technology realization lab that specializes in solving unmet healthcare needs


Ascend Innovations™ is a joint venture formed between Dayton Children’s Hospital, Kettering Health Network and Premier Health Partners through a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA) and Kaleidoscope, a product design firm.

Our services are vast but all share a common thread: they empower healthcare advancements that lead to better care and quality of life for patients. Our diverse team is made up of clinicians, engineers, designers, data scientists and business analysts that transform high-potential ideas into marketable products.

We also conduct product and clinical research, data analysis, and observational research that supports product development in healthcare.

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Our Story


Partner Idea Submission

If you work for one of Ascend’s hospital partners and have an idea or problem that needs solved,
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Ascend’s process to develop the best products

Learn about opportunities to improve healthcare practices and identify desirable solutions to the most pressing problems.


Investigate the viability of selected concepts by diving deeper into the business opportunity


Forge concepts into feasible products and solutions


Transition the best concepts into sustainable ventures


Ascend Clinical Research

Ascend Clinical Research is a clinical research organization serving patients, healthcare providers, physicians, and business leaders in the Dayton area. We deliver agile, cost-efficient research and regulatory services that support the development of new medical devices. Ascend Clinical Research is a key player in the exciting joint-venture between GDAHA, Kaleidoscope, and Ascend Innovations. We bring transformative research capabilities that support the development, testing, and market release of breakthrough technologies in health and human performance.

Our Services

  • Data and Analytics
  • Business Development
  • Contracts & Budgets
  • Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Studies
  • Technical Review and Writing Assistance
  • Site Management
  • Regulatory Support

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Mark Wysong, President



How did Ascend come into existence?


The board of the GDAHA was interested in exploring innovation and collaborating with AFRL. This desire led to conversations with Kaleidoscope and it was determined a partnership could deliver tremendous value. Thus, Ascend was created.


Who is Kaleidoscope?


Headquartered in Cincinnati, Kaleidoscope is an innovation and product design firm. By focusing on improving life for people, we create products and experiences that grow businesses from our expertise in consumer insights, technology and health and wellness.


Can I submit an innovative idea to Ascend?


At this time Ascend is focused on ideas generated by our partner health systems. Our goal is to eventually accept ideas from the public.


When will Ascend launch a product?


Ascend has established an innovation pipeline designed to rapidly produce human health innovation. Our first product is close to launch with a pipeline of new ideas behind it.


Who is GDAHA?


The Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA) is a member service organization for 28 hospitals that have an $8.1 billion economic impact and directly employ 34,497 individuals in the Greater Dayton region.


What is Ascend’s relationship with AFRL?


Ascend operates in close collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratories, to use military technology to help produce healthcare innovation.


Why Dayton?


Dayton provides one of the most unique locations in the country, where strong healthcare, national defense, research and technology sectors come together. With Dayton’s rich history of innovation, it provides the prime location for Ascend to grow.


What is the process that Ascend will follow to realize breakthroughs?


By identifying our health care partners’ challenges, Ascend designs and develops emerging technology and independent insights—producing commercially viable health innovations.


Why focus on human health innovation?


Just as aviation’s pioneers transformed human life a century ago, breakthroughs in human health will change the world in this century. Ascend represents the next generation of global pioneers.

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