Diagnosing Concussions and Fatigue


Vye is a digital application that monitors ocular response times to identify neurological states such as concussions and impairments.

Digital health is rapidly changing the way we think about healthcare. Tools that utilize realtime results offer new ways to monitor health and provide noninvasive seamless results to the user. With the aid of emerging technologies, we explored the use of mobile devices to better understand the relationship between neurological conditions and ocular response times.

What we did

  • Technical Research

  • Prototyping

  • Computer Vision

  • Technical Validation

  • Mobile Development

Assessing the possibilites

We performed in-depth research on computer vision, face and landmark identification, eye-tracking algorithms, hardware requirements, camera speeds, image processing filters, and beyond. Our goal was to determine if we could build a prototype that could effectively run a test on a mobile device.

Ensuring accurate testing

We designed an autonomous device for baseline testing to ensure our mobile application could accurately identify iris position and measure ocular response times. Our application was designed to use the front-facing camera of a mobile phone while presenting the user with a moving stimulus to track with their eyes.

Making sense of the data

Working with athletic trainers, we tested our application with student-athletes. Through this extensive testing, we captured several hours of video and built a database of results to learn from. By analyzing the data we were able to identify areas to improve our application and refine our algorithm.

Opportunities to expand

With our fully functional prototype we are actively exploring a proposal to build a military-grade demo that will utilize our software to measure fatigue.

We commercialized a new technology