Unlocking new insights in data


Companies are going through profound changes within their internal operations. As digital technologies enable more data, keeping up with the speed and amount of information can be cumbersome. We helped Midmark lead a digital transformation discovery to understand better their data structure and where to focus on improving their digital and data capabilities.

What we did

  • Discovery

  • Infrastructure Analysis

  • Technical Illustration

  • Technical Validation

  • Change Management

  • Digital Transformation

The Problem

The push for more data has manufactures scrambling to incorporate smart sensors into many of their product lines. These sensors provide a new source of data at a scale many companies are ill-prepared to handle. Adapting your infrastructure, process, and measurement capabilities are crucial to surviving this ever-demanding world of data.

Follow the data

To fully understand the complexity of Midmark's data architecture, we began by documenting the flow of data between Midmark, their maintenance and distribution outlets, and their customers. This exercise identified opportunities in Midmark's data flow, outlining which data they control vs. which data they do not.

Illustrating data usage

Comprehensive data ecosystems require the aggregation and standardization of disparate data sources. Within Midmark, data is used across several departments. Having a deep understanding of the organization and utilization of their data-informed the requirements for data reorganization. To accomplish this, we conducted several workshops with Midmark to fully define their data usage patterns by task and by the department.

Plan and approach

Once we understood the landscape of Midmark's data architecture, we were able to formulate a strategy for moving forward. Taking a phased approach, we recommended four distinct phases: Learn, Define, Create, and Test. With this structure, each phase influences the next and has enough flexibility built in to allow for adjustments to prior phases as needed.

We helped transform Midmark