Designing a digital guest experience


Kettering’s Digital Guest Experience team is tasked with implementing technologies to provide a delightful experience for their patients. To streamline the process of prioritizing the abundance of new digital solutions, Kettering partnered with Ascend to help form a vision for their digital experience.

What we did

  • Discovery

  • Design Research

  • UX/UI Design

  • Persona Development

  • Market Research

  • Technical Validation

Understanding the problem

Kettering’s Digital Guest Experience team is tasked with implementing technologies to help Kettering maintain a delightful experience for their patients but they’re bombarded with new technologies every day. Sifting through new technologies can be overwhelming and Kettering reached out to Ascend to help them get a better understanding of what features should be included in their new app.

Learn from the rest

We performed a landscape and competitive analysis of the top hospital mobile applications. With this comparison, we took note of what worked, what didn’t, and where Kettering could innovate to stand out.

From the user interface to feature sets, we compiled a list of requirements that helped inform key aspects of our technical discovery.

Know your audience

In preparation for customer interviews, we developed several personas that represent key targets in Kettering’s patient population.

We then met with individuals from each group to understand their healthcare routines, expectations, and pain points.

Learn from early prototyping

From our learnings, both technical and consumer-focused, we began early design explorations to help inform early prototypes and prepare for user-feedback

With this approach, we were able to validate feature priority in a low-cost, rapid way that led to future design and prototype development.

We innovated for Kettering