Driving change takes a clear vision and bold action. Our approach pushes the status quo while keeping the end-result in sight.

We build products with purpose

Our process ensures we deliver a product that meets the needs of the user while satisfying the goals of the business. By combining the quantitative insights from data science with the qualitative learnings of design-thinking, we create a product that is designed with intention.

Data Science

Data Science is the foundation of Ascend. We provide advanced and predictive analytics to companies who want to discover value and insight in their data.

Digital Design & Development

Digital design and development are how we give life to data. We build intuitive applications for healthcare, local communities, and commercial clients.


Developing a product vision requires awareness. We begin by immersing ourselves in the problem, identifying the existing marketplace, and exploring a range of research from anecdotal to technical. Only by understanding the problem can we begin to identify areas of opportunity.

A brain with a lightning bolt above it


A thesis is nothing without experimentation. Similarly, a vision needs to be continuously tested and executed. We rapidly design and develop prototypes, collecting insight from data and feedback to further our vision and confirm our theories.

An atom with electrons circling it


Adapting to change is paramount to the success of a product. We build scalable software solutions that provide a robust framework for data collection and constant iteration necessary to remain relevant in a competitive market.

A continuous revolving loop

Bringing it all together