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Our next cycle closes August 2017

Ascend is your resource to bring new ideas to life and solve tough challenges through innovation and product development. Do you have an idea or challenge you’d like us to work on? Submit your idea below.



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How It Works:

Step 1

Review your healthcare system's intellectual property policy

Step 2

Fill out the online submission form by following the link above

Step 3

Look for a confirmation email containing a pdf of your submission

Step 4

Ascend will follow up on next steps

If you’re interested in being a subject matter expert or clinical advisor to Ascend projects, let us know by emailing info@ascend-innovations.com.


What types of projects does Ascend develop?

We look at everything in the health, wellness and medical space from simple ideas to complex problems. Our wheelhouse is anything that has the potential to improve patient outcomes, decrease costs or enhance quality of care.

Where do ideas come from?

Along with our own needs finding efforts, any physician, clinician or affiliate of our healthcare partners can submit an idea, invention or problem to Ascend.

What’s in it for me?

Inventors will be equipped with funding and a development team to take their idea from concept to market. Patent protection and publishing are also possible. For ideas that result in new products, royalties or companies, we reward inventors by sharing in revenue and equity opportunities.

How are my ideas protected?

If your idea is deemed novel and commercially viable, Ascend will work with our IP legal counsel to file the necessary patents, including costs associated with patent protection. If patents are filed, and you are considered a contributor to the IP, you will be listed in the patent.

Where can I find my hospital’s intellectual property policy?

Refer to your organization’s intranet to access your intellectual property policy or email ideas@ascend-innovations.com for a copy.

How do ideas get evaluated?

We evaluate concepts through three lenses:

  1. Desirability – Is there a valid clinical or customer need, with a clear opportunity to improve current practice?
  2. Viability – Is there an attractive market and profit potential, with competitive advantage or a patentable idea?
  3. Feasibility – Is the development of the proposed concept technically possible and organizationally aligned with Ascend’s mission?

How do I keep track of progress after my idea has been submitted?

Ascend makes formal selection decisions biannually. At the time of submission, you will be provided the date of the next cycle review along with anticipated timing as ideas progress through our LIFT process.

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